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Health care is changing rapidly. We keep you up to date on all things population health, HIE advancement, interoperability and the role data and analytics play in this new era of innovation.

CCD, CDA, C-CDA and their evolution

Standardizing data for seamless information exchange in Healthcare Clinicians across the country gather patient data using a wide spectrum of digital interfaces. These user interfaces are adapted to suit their local preferences for sequence and naming conventions and include fields for standard elements. As a result, the captured data from one system couldn’t be understood…
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Why We Need Data in Direct Primary Care

As the healthcare system continues to evolve at a crawling pace, patients, providers, employers and others continue to seek alternatives. No alternative has grown at the rate of Direct Primary Care (DPC); from 273 clinics in 2015 to 1,187 as of November 2019. Only 2 states remain without a DPC clinic. My home state of…
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CMS’ Primary Care First Update

After much anticipation, CMS has released more information about the Primary Care First payment models. It is a positive sign that CMS is committed to strengthening primary care by partnering with practices and payers through such an aggressive performance-based payment model (see our first blog on this program here). The latest update provides more details…
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Henderson Health Care Reports Continued Revenue Growth, of Nearly $270k, with Continuous Process Improvements from Analytic Insights

Henderson Health Care (HHC), a Nebraska Critical Access Hospital, continues to improve the health of their population through the implementation of analytics and process improvements. Last year, HHC used analytics to gain an understanding of their population and the magnitude of care gaps, “Quality takes time. Initially, our focus was on internal quality assurance as…
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Health Information Exchange Reduces Quality Reporting Burden in Low-Resource Rural Hospitals

How much time is spent on reporting rather than improving hospitals’ quality performance? That is the question that should be on the minds of anyone who is seeking to transform health care. The more push toward value-based care we see, the more we see that analytics are the driving force in health care delivery and…
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