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4 Types of Patient Registries to Boost Performance

Creating registries to focus improvement efforts is one of the more common strategies teams take to impact outcomes. But there is no denying that getting registries to target the right areas of opportunity can take you closer to your goals, whereas getting it wrong can turn out to be a futile effort. Here we breakdown…
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A Multi-Tenant System: Breaking Down Ninja Universe’s Design

Getting the right people, the right data, at the right time is one of the first steps to improving our health care system. That is where Ninja Universe comes in. Not all data and not all users are created equal. Gone are the days of provisioning a standard user to a standard dashboard. As health…
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Bringing Health Data Out of Silos with Patient Comprehend

As a healthcare leader, you understand that effective healthcare starts with care team members having the right information, with the functionality clinicians and teams need to provide timely, personalized services. Patient Comprehend is a first-of-its-kind Community Health Record solution that allows for the sharing of electronic health data, which helps providers obtain a more complete…
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