Category: Unstructured Data

CCD, CDA, C-CDA and their evolution

Standardizing data for seamless information exchange in Healthcare Clinicians across the country gather patient data using a wide spectrum of digital interfaces. These user interfaces are adapted to suit their local preferences for sequence and naming conventions and include fields for standard elements. As a result, the captured data from one system couldn’t be understood…
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2019 Quality Measurement: What’s In and What’s Out

After decades of measuring and reporting health care quality without transformative change in outcomes, industry and government are realizing the fundamental problem is in the infrastructure of our system. Quality measurement and improvement has evolved over the years from early work centered on evidence-based practice to more recently with the turn of the century, a…
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Are you mining unstructured data?

In the US healthcare industry, nearly 1.2 billion clinical documents are produced each year, out of which 60-80% of valuable clinical data is in the form of unstructured data. This means that a significant amount of data that could be effectively used to improve outcomes by a large margin is stored in the form of narrative…
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