Category: Direct Primary Care

DPC Model: Maintaining Your Membership Base

Factors Impacting Member Retention Looking at thousands of lives across numerous DPC practices… KPI Ninja identified an average churn rate (inverse of retention rate) of 18.3%.In this study we look at the factors impacting these outcomes and how to evaluate and use data insights to maintain and/or make improvements to provide the value-based care you…
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Paving Deeper Paths to Patient-Centered Primary Care

The idea of improvement or transformation always begins with the end in mind; a refocus on the broad objective of the system. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced a strategy, “Primary Care Initiatives”, that will refocus our healthcare system on patient-centered services by aligning payment models to outcomes. This is one…
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PHP partnered with KPI Ninja to demonstrate Benefits to Members for Both Utilization and Quality

Primary Health Partners partnered with KPI Ninja to demonstrate Benefits to Members for Both Utilization and Quality – Primary care is a crucial component of living longer, healthier lives. Adults in the United States who have an established primary care provider tend to have lower healthcare costs and lower odds of death than those who…
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Freedom Healthworks partners with KPI Ninja to gathering meaningful insights

We are beyond excited to announce our partnership with Freedom Healthworks, LLC, an organization helping independent Direct Care practices launch and maintain success, and assist them and their partners with gathering meaningful insights through data. We look forward to playing a role in the continued growth and awesome work the Freedom Healthworks team does for…
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Virtual Communication Analytics – KPI Ninja Provides Insights with Virtual Data

The Direct Care model prides itself on offering more ways for patients to access their primary care provider. In the fee-for-service world, most people need to schedule an appointment (often weeks in advance), visit an urgent care clinic, go to the emergency room, or utilize telemedicine to immediately access care, the latter three often being…
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