Category: Lean & Performance Improvement

Internal Quality Measures: The Missing Link to High Performance

After working with hundreds of health care organizations over the last few years, I’ve found that almost all the organizations I’ve worked with have a difficult time integrating quality measures beyond what is required as part of their financial contracts. For example… One primary care clinic thought they were doing well with monitoring depression because…
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5 Simple Ideas You Can Use Today for Infusing a Data-Driven Culture into Your Organization

In every organization, there are those individuals that appreciate the value of data, and those that are more hesitant to put their trust in numbers. Whether they are ambivalent, had a bad experience or do not have the knowledge, it can be challenging to bring individuals who are reluctant to data into your improvement culture.…
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Infographic: How is Data-Driven Leadership Different?

Most leaders understand the importance of using data and analytics to achieve operational excellence. From empowering employees, reducing inefficiencies and improving outcomes, using data seems like a no-brainer, yet few have successfully implemented this type of culture. Check out our infographic below for an overview of how data-driven leadership is different from traditional leadership.

Helping to Fight COVID-19 Together, We Set A Bold Record in Developing Real-Time Analytics

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic requires swift, data-driven action to dramatically impact our nation’s health. At KPI Ninja, it’s all about impacting health outcomes and with our nation facing an impending crisis, we wholeheartedly made the decision to invest in developing innovative analytics to support response efforts. With efficiency at the center of the pandemic strategy,…
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An improvement methodology to support value-based care and a culture of continuous improvement

The transition to value-based care is still in its infancy, yet many consumers have already seen dramatic shifts in the way healthcare is delivered compared with those who have yet to take the leap. A stimulus for these changes is a combination of unsustainable healthcare expenditures, higher than acceptable rates of healthcare-associated harm, low consumer…
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