KPI Ninja Announces COVID-19 Innovation Team to Guide Interdisciplinary Pandemic Analytics

KPI Ninja Announces COVID-19 Innovation Team to Guide Interdisciplinary Pandemic Analytics

May 1, 2020

LINCOLN, Nebraska KPI Ninja Inc., a leading healthcare technology company known for its comprehensive analytics, has created the COVID-19 Innovation Team to build interdisciplinary analytic efforts to support the pandemic preparedness and response; a significant continuation to build upon the existing health data-driven platform.

The creation of this team is in direct response to a dramatic surge for comprehensive analytics beyond health data, as the world seeks to return to normalcy whilst adhering to local and national guidelines. As an analytics company with a long-standing history of success supporting value-based care across initiatives and programs, the mission of the team is to leverage the existing infrastructure to support the current pandemic as well as tracking communicable diseases and mitigating future outbreaks.

“We are facing an urgent health crisis that impacts all facets of life. As one of the most comprehensive healthcare analytics companies, we feel a deep responsibility to use our capabilities to create a platform that matches the broad pandemic data needs,” said Vineeth Yeddula, CEO at KPI Ninja. “With our comprehensive Ninja Universe platform, we are supporting the industry by bringing heterogeneous data sources together to provide the complete picture required for response efforts.”

To address the immediate pandemic data needs, KPI Ninja created a comprehensive platform within a substantially accelerated timeframe to deliver real-time insights around bed occupancy, labs tracking, identifying high risk patients, understanding hospitalizations and the recovery of the patients, tracking of PPEs and ventilators, capacity forecasting, predictive analytics, and measuring social distancing effectiveness.

As part of KPI Ninja’s commitment to outcomes, the team will pioneer data use cases beyond health data sources and will double down on interoperability capabilities to assist health organizations and authorities in mitigating and responding to the pandemic. The range of topics currently being considered includes adding unemployment and economic impact models, transportation modeling, asymptomatic COVID-19 projections, models specifically around post-acute space, and contact tracing, to name a few.

KPI Ninja remains committed to supporting the industry and building a platform that clinicians, teams and authorities can use to drive health outcomes every day.

About KPI Ninja
KPI Ninja is a data analytics company that helps healthcare organizations accelerate their quality, safety, and financial goals with a unique combination of software and service. We are differentiated by our signature mix of technology, performance management consulting and healthcare expertise. We don’t merely offer software solutions but work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help them draw on the power of analytics and continuous improvement methodologies to become more efficient. In harmony with our data-centered ethos, we truly believe that our success is strongly co-related with yours.

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