Helping to Fight COVID-19 Together, We Set A Bold Record in Developing Real-Time Analytics

Helping to Fight COVID-19 Together, We Set A Bold Record in Developing Real-Time Analytics

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic requires swift, data-driven action to dramatically impact our nation’s health. At KPI Ninja, it’s all about impacting health outcomes and with our nation facing an impending crisis, we wholeheartedly made the decision to invest in developing innovative analytics to support response efforts. With efficiency at the center of the pandemic strategy, we knew a speedy development process would be needed to help combat the outbreak.

Sticking to Our Roots

For the past 3 years, we’ve achieved incredible progress in creating comprehensive analytics so that using data to be the catalyst for performance excellence is the norm. This has allowed us to refine internal processes to be nimble, yet effective in supporting the uniqueness of different health care sectors.

With frequent changes in an uncertain environment compounded with persistent interoperability challenges, we knew our place in helping to flatten the curve. In typical KPI Ninja fashion, we laid out a plan that set up a phased approach to testing out new ideas and building pandemic analytics. This was based on our agile model that has years of experience deploying similar types of analytics.

Trailblazing Efficiency

Real-time analytics to identify hot spots, understand current progress and health system capacity are of great importance. Without real-time data, it is very difficult for states’ and public health authorities to understand patterns of epidemic spread and act on the data in a meaningful way. Wanting to equip these individuals to stand up to the pandemic, real-time analytics were needed.

With a typical timeframe of 6 to 9 months, we cut the development process down to less than 36 hours.

In less than a weekend’s time, we ingested ADT and laboratory data from the Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII), Nebraska’s health information exchange, who collects data from more than 60 hospitals and clinics. This data from NEHII is used to power up the COVID-19 Live dashboard. The dashboard portrays the region’s health care utilization, laboratory testing and prevalence of positive cases. The data is updated with the latest information every 30 seconds to provide real-time updates. The services are in use with multiple stakeholders just days after its development cycle commenced.

“In a time of great need, KPI Ninja has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to supporting our needs, no matter how seemingly impossible the ask may be. Their ability to work expediently, yet effectively has put our region in a better position to respond to the crisis.”

Jaime Bland, CEO of NEHII

If we drive down waste in the process – automating inefficiencies and preventing rework along the way – authorities, health organizations and medical professionals can instead focus on their role in driving positive health outcomes. It is our hope that enabling that shift with analytics during this crisis will sustain beyond to interim to make a leap forward in driving high quality, affordable health care.

About KPI Ninja
KPI Ninja is a data analytics company that helps healthcare organizations accelerate their quality, safety, and financial goals with a unique combination of software and service. We are differentiated by our signature mix of technology, performance management consulting and healthcare expertise. We don’t merely offer software solutions but work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help them draw on the power of analytics and continuous improvement methodologies to become more efficient. In harmony with our data-centered ethos, we truly believe that our success is strongly co-related with yours.

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