Infographic: The Power of HIE Analytics

Infographic: The Power of HIE Analytics

To drive better outcomes, the health care industry is undergoing a delivery system reform where payments for care are dependent on the quality outcomes achieved.

It impacts all sectors of the system. All are focused on keeping people healthy by reducing inefficiencies and providing the appropriate care needed so that every patient has positive health outcomes. Executives, providers and teams use data to monitor performance and make improvements. But what value do HIE analytics provide, how is it different than other analytics and is it worth the investment?

The power of health information exchange analytics

The Many Benefits

Uniquely, analytics built on top of HIE data sets can:

  1. Fill health data gaps that exist within internal datasets
  2. Reduce manual data and reporting processes
  3. Monitor performance and identify opportunities
  4. HIE analytics are real-time, allowing you change in the moment to alter the outcome
  5. Facilitate improved quality performance and reimbursement rates

What happens when we use HIE analytics?

  • Truly understand performance and be confident that we are working on the right things
  • Improve care delivery and patient outcomes
  • Become more efficient at change efforts, accelerating goal achievement
  • Instill an improvement culture for sustainable improvements

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KPI Ninja is a data analytics company that helps healthcare organizations accelerate their quality, safety, and financial goals with a unique combination of software and service. We are differentiated by our signature mix of technology, performance management consulting and healthcare expertise. We don’t merely offer software solutions but work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help them draw on the power of analytics and continuous improvement methodologies to become more efficient. In harmony with our data-centered ethos, we truly believe that our success is strongly co-related with yours.