Bringing Health Data Out of Silos with Patient Comprehend

Bringing Health Data Out of Silos with Patient Comprehend

As a healthcare leader, you understand that effective healthcare starts with care team members having the right information, with the functionality clinicians and teams need to provide timely, personalized services. Patient Comprehend is a first-of-its-kind Community Health Record solution that allows for the sharing of electronic health data, which helps providers obtain a more complete picture of their patients.

Dependable HIE Capabilities

Patient Comprehend provides everything you’d expect from a Community Health Record solution, including:

  • Cloud infrastructure privacy and security
  • Exchange with national health data networks
  • Data aggregation, normalization, and deduplication
  • Single sign-on between other applications and platforms
  • A master patient index to link patient identity information across multiple sources
  • Direct messaging to securely store and transmit protected health information
  • Provider directory to search important, up-to-date care team information

What Makes It Unique

Patient Comprehend isn’t just a health record solution — it’s a place that care team members can go to gain important health insights and collaborate with one another. It has several distinctive features, like:

  • Agnostic data sourcesPatient Comprehend unites data from multiple sources, including Health Level Seven (HL7), Continuity of Care Documents (CCD), Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA) I and III files, administrative claims, flat files direct database connections (82+; 40+ Electronic Health Records (EHR), as well as integrations with other data sources and applications like social determinants of health, virtual communications and financial systems, and then integrate the information accordingly, despite it coming from different sources.
  • Timely information – The solution is powered by built-in-house HL7 and CCD parsers so you can unlock valuable data in real-time to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date information for care delivery and more timely population health efforts.
  • Dynamic user interface – Uniquely, our front-facing business intelligence layer is also built in-house, making it easy to customize the interface to provide different views of the data for different participants. This means having the agility to quickly create dashboards, reports and metrics that are customized to users, enabling different filters, limiting sensitive data elements, creating custom columns, or quickly developing unique tabs, like when we created a COVID19 registry page within hours for authorized users to respond to the pandemic.

  • Patient-level analytics – Empower clinicians to provide high-quality, timely care with patient-level analytics like trending laboratory results on a dashboard, reviewing a timeline of services and drilling down into visit details, or being alerted of critical care elements, like a severe allergy or a hospital readmission in the last 30 days.

  • “Super” CCD Generation – Make sure your participants never miss any important health information about their patients by providing CCDs that are built on comprehensive data from the community. With robust parsing, data normalization and the ability to customize the CCDs, Patient Comprehend provides users with what they need to know and in a format that fits their needs, like being able to easily ingest the Super CCD into their own EHRs.
  • Seamless, user-friendly experiencePatient Comprehend lives within our centralized platform, Ninja Universe, that has more than 20 other applications to provide a user-friendly experience that meets all your participants’ data needs from within a single platform. Think of it as a technical, cost-effective infrastructure with multiple solutions. This means you don’t have to pay separately for each vendor or solution.
    Instead, you get the following all in one place:

    • Patient Comprehend (Community Health Record)
    • Natural language processing
    • Population health analytics
    • Data quality application
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Referral management
    • Predictive analytics
    • Care management
    • Risk stratification
    • Machine learning
    • And more…
Customized User Interface
•	Provide user-defined visualizations
•	Apply customized patient attributions
•	Enable self-service functionality
•	Create cohorts of interest
•	Limit data to governance standards
Patient Level Analytics
•	Trend vitals and test results
•	View the timeline of interventions
•	Monitor diagnoses across providers 
•	Review medication administration
•	Drill down into encounter details

This solution design means that it’s easy to navigate within Ninja Universe and easily swap between applications and views. For example, if you are reviewing care gaps in the Population Health application, you can click on the patient in this report, and it will take you directly to that patient’s longitudinal patient record in Patient Comprehend.

Ninja Universe infrastructure

Underlying these solutions is our proven, proprietary Unified Data Model as a Clinical Data Repository, creating a cost-effective way of delivering value beyond the longitudinal patient record to meet the diverse data needs of your participants.

Supporting the Next Evolution of HIE Needs

You have a tremendous opportunity to position your HIE at the center of the healthcare system, but you need the technology infrastructure and solutions to support the evolving needs of your participants. KPI Ninja’s Patient Comprehend is opening the door to the next evolution of HIE. Schedule a call to learn more about how we can help you tackle health data obstacles.

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Renee Towne
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Renee provides operational leadership of quality initiatives at KPI Ninja. Towne has a background in occupational therapy, education and experience in operational excellence across a variety of healthcare domains. Based on prior experience as a clinician that drove outcomes patient by patient, she is leaving a larger footprint by improving health care more comprehensively, population by population.

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