2019 Recap and Beyond in “DPC”

2019 Recap and Beyond in “DPC”

2019 DPC recap

Direct Primary Care (DPC) continues to grow at a blistering pace. Over the past four years we have seen DPC mature from 273 clinics to 1,195 (DPC Mapper). While KPI Ninja’s own journey into DPC started in 2017, 2019 was by far the best year yet.

Some of the most exciting happenings in our DPC realm include:

In 2019, some of the key product development features we added include:

  • DPC 360 Platform – Provides a holistic look of your clinic data: membership, billing, utilization, chronic condition prevalence, virtual communications and more.
  • Patient Worklists – Create worklists to identify which patients require your attention and when.
  • Employer Scorecards – Track key metrics to show off high performance, detailing the value clinics are providing to employer customers.
  • Predictive Analytics – Determine potential cost savings for employer health plans interested in pursuing DPC services.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Internal Benchmarking Capabilities – Ability to compare and benchmark performance on key metrics internally to identify opportunities.

With all of the success we had, it was not all rainbows and unicorns this year. Like any growing business, our passion and ambition far exceed our capacity. There are never enough hours in the day, even for ninjas 😉

But as we grow, our capabilities grow in lockstep. Our 2020 roadmap focuses our strategy on supporting DPCs to be THE solution to some of our nation’s most challenging healthcare problems in more robust ways.

By tapping into the power of data, we believe we can help prime DPC as the champion that healthcare needs. Like boosters on a rocket, KPI Ninja continues efforts in pushing the movement higher and higher. We envision 2020 as the year we reach the moon.

Kyle Poss

About the Author

Director, Direct Care Initiatives at KPI Ninja, Inc.
Kyle holds a Masters of Public Health from the University of South Dakota, completing his capstone thesis DPC, and is currently working on a Doctorate of Healthcare Administration, focused on Information Systems, through the Medical University of South Carolina.

About KPI Ninja
KPI Ninja is a data analytics company that helps healthcare organizations accelerate their quality, safety, and financial goals with a unique combination of software and service. We are differentiated by our signature mix of technology, performance management consulting and healthcare expertise. We don’t merely offer software solutions but work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help them draw on the power of analytics and continuous improvement methodologies to become more efficient. In harmony with our data-centered ethos, we truly believe that our success is strongly co-related with yours.

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