Deliver better outcomes with analytics

Health care is changing rapidly. We keep you up to date on all things population health, HIE advancement, interoperability and the role data and analytics play in this new era of innovation.

Using Data to Grow your Direct Primary Care (DPC) Practice

Many DPC practices are quickly realizing the value of using data analytics in their practices. Analytics can be used for improving operational efficiencies, enhancing population health practices, tracking cost savings, and creating compelling stories to share with current and prospective patients and employers. This in turn contributes to continued growth, improved quality of care, and…
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An Introduction to Risk Stratification Analytics

If you work in the health care industry, you’ve likely heard of risk stratification. There is a good chance that risk stratification, whether used for negotiating payment rates or improving population health, will be one of the most important elements in a value-based health care system. Citing several indicators of industry disruption, there is an…
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Claims vs. EHR data in Direct Primary Care

As data becomes a larger ticket item for direct primary care practices (DPCs), we wanted to share perspective from a DPC lens on the most common data sources: Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Claims. How can EHR data be leveraged in DPC? EHR data contains real-time information on patient’s history, encounters, problems, vitals, labs, medications,…
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A Bright Future Ahead For HIEs… If We Focus On Outcomes. SHIEC’s 2019 Survey Reflections.

The Strategic Health Information Exchange has released the results of the 2019 Annual Survey to demonstrate the impact of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). If I could summarize the 50+ question findings in one word, I would say “Growth”. If HIEs leverage this growth and start moving to an outcomes-based model, we could witness a real…
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Why You Should Consider Participating in CMS’ Direct Contracting

Do you know the real story behind CMS’ new Primary Cares Initiative? For the past 30 years, CMS has offered a variety of payment models to drive high quality, affordable healthcare with bundled payments, value-based purchasing, accountable care organizations, and more. CMS has used a collaborative approach with these models to support entities and providers…
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