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Health care is changing rapidly. We keep you up to date on all things population health, HIE advancement, interoperability and the role data and analytics play in this new era of innovation.

Dissecting the Power of Medical and Pharmacy Data – Risk Stratification Analytics Part 3

Advanced analytics have come a long way since the introduction of using administrative data to measure the quality of care. Insights derived from medical and pharmacy data can change how well conditions are identified and managed, whether that is based on data from claims and/or clinical sources, there are powerful analytics that can contribute to…
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HIE Readmission Analytics to Expedite Value Creation

With increasing national costs, inconsistent quality outcomes, and an exploding wealth of health data, health information exchanges (HIE) are at an inflection point when it comes to value-based care. This is evident on the stakeholder side with growing demand for technology to reduce reporting burdens and support improved performance. The same holds true for streamlining…
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The Power of Emergency Department Classifications – Risk Stratification Analytics Part 2

Emergency departments are our nation’s back-up plan, intercepting urgent conditions of all types and intervening to stabilize and regain health. Emergency departments found their place in our health care system to provide decisive, rapid care to patients with life-threatening conditions. Today, too many patients seek care in the emergency department for non-life altering reasons. 25%…
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KPI Ninja is One of the First Two Vendors in the Country to Earn NCQA 2019 Patient-Centered Specialty Practice Prevalidation

March 2, 2020 Lincoln, NE – KPI Ninja Inc., announces that Ninja Universe, their innovative analytics platform, is one of the first two vendors in the country to achieve National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) 2019 Patient-Centered Specialty Practice (PCSP) Prevalidation. This recognition demonstrates that their software is directly aligned to the newly released program,…
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Using Data to Grow your Direct Primary Care (DPC) Practice

Many DPC practices are quickly realizing the value of using data analytics in their practices. Analytics can be used for improving operational efficiencies, enhancing population health practices, tracking cost savings, and creating compelling stories to share with current and prospective patients and employers. This in turn contributes to continued growth, improved quality of care, and…
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