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Palmetto Proactive partnered with KPI Ninja to demonstrate Cost Savings of Direct Care

Palmetto Proactive Healthcare, a family medicine practice, has been providing direct care services in South Carolina for many years. To showcase the benefits of their services to one of their contracted employers, Palmetto Proactive partnered with KPI Ninja to demonstrate the cost savings and health advantages of direct care – Download Case Study

KPI Ninja Partners with Elation Health to Provide Real-Time Insights and Analytics to Direct Care Practices

KPI Ninja is proud to announce its partnership with Elation Health, an electronic health record (EHR) provider, to allow its users the ability to view accurate, actionable, and timely insights into their practice and their patients. By building a direct integration between the Elation Health EHR and KPI Ninja’s DPC 360 analytics platform, practices and…
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Leveraging Analytics for Employer-Focused Growth in Direct Primary Care

Primary Care Physicians from any delivery system look to achieve the Quadruple Aim of healthcare; improve patient outcomes, improve the patient experience, improve the clinician experience, and provide care at a lower cost that is both fair to the patient and sustainable to the practice. Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians and practices are no different,…
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Role of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Patient Experience

Over the last few years, the healthcare industry has been moving into an era of transparency and consumer awareness. The regulatory bodies have been publicly displaying the performance of healthcare organizations to enable patients to make informed decisions about the organizations they wish to receive care from. The major categories that many healthcare organizations are being evaluated…
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5 Steps to Improve Your Data Quality

In the age of big data, the quantity of data being generated each year is increasing exponentially. The opportunity to use data to transform how organizations operate and create value for the customers is growing at a similar rate.