Artalytics: the Art and Science of Data Analysis

Artalytics: the Art and Science of Data Analysis

For too long healthcare has believed that there is a data shortage to describe outcomes in healthcare. We present data to receive questions that challenge the data and lead to collecting more data. That process of collecting data for data sake is a serious challenge to the performance improvement culture that we are striving to attain. Data only raises questions; it is not TRUTH but merely directional. To “win” in today’s ever changing environment will be to understand the flaws and limitations of the data that is available, and to have the skill to translate flawed data into knowledge and change utilizing a Performance Improvement approach.

It is important to recognize that the process of how data is acquired is flawed in most instances since it is generated through data interface between human entry and the electronic health record. There is a gap in what really happens and what is documented from the point of care thru coding and claims data (billing). All steps can be unreliable and vary based upon culture, knowledge, and education of the organization. Claims based data can also be unreliable and the integrity of the data can be flawed, but it is currently the only data accessible to us for benchmarking and analysis.

There is a perception that if the data can be created into a report that would be adequate for decision making. Data analysis is the process of creating data into knowledge. A Performance Improvement approach to data analysis is to ask the question of how to utilize the data effectively? If we are going to impact care delivery there is a need for a true culture of data driven learning, continuous improvement, learning from failures, and the ability to share failures. It is important to not lose sight of the fact that all of this is still driven by human beings with all of the challenges and barriers inherent to the human interaction.

Specific steps to create meaningful data for change:

  • Data discovery process – ensure the data is accurate
  • Convert data into knowledge
  • The presentation; the story of the data is the art
  • Data must be understood, compelling, and tells the story
  • The art process is how to make change based upon the data (results)

In summary, those organizations that recognize that analytics is not just science and can understand that there is an art to data will begin to emerge as leaders in the field of “artalytics.”

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