The Need for Predictive Analytics in Improving Health Outcomes

Where can the ability to predict future events from the past and present data prove invaluable? Pretty much every industry there is, you would imagine. Though data analytics is an emerging field, a number of industries are tapping into its potential.

Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics

Big data is crucial to the continued success of any big organization. The accumulation of information relating to systems, processes, supply channels and a myriad of other sectors particular to any field predicts future trends and helps organizations plot strategic decisions that could uplift the overall vision and mission of that organization.

Artalytics: the Art and Science of Data Analysis

For too long healthcare has believed that there is a data shortage to describe outcomes in healthcare. We present data to receive questions that challenge the data and lead to collecting more data. That process of collecting data for data sake is a serious challenge to the performance improvement culture that we are striving to…
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Have you heard about Direct Primary Care?

Why should you know about Direct Primary Care? Direct Primary Care (DPC), is spreading. In Nebraska, Governor Pete Ricketts signed DPC legislationon March 30, 2016. It’s new, but there are already two DPC practices in the state. Elsewhere, it’s growing faster.

8 Essentials to Perform Well Under MIPS

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) will have huge financial and reputational impact on clinicians and hospitals. As MIPS reporting approaches, you may be asking yourself, how do we better prepare, and how do we better perform? Further, as the incentive payment percentages and competition increase each subsequent year, these questions will be continuously re-evaluated.…
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