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Dissecting the Power of Medical and Pharmacy Data – Risk Stratification Analytics Part 3

Advanced analytics have come a long way since the introduction of using administrative data to measure the quality of care. Insights derived from medical and pharmacy data can change how well conditions are identified and managed, whether that is based on data from claims and/or clinical sources, there are powerful analytics that can contribute to…
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The Power of Emergency Department Classifications – Risk Stratification Analytics Part 2

Emergency departments are our nation’s back-up plan, intercepting urgent conditions of all types and intervening to stabilize and regain health. Emergency departments found their place in our health care system to provide decisive, rapid care to patients with life-threatening conditions. Today, too many patients seek care in the emergency department for non-life altering reasons. 25%…
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An Introduction to Risk Stratification Analytics

If you work in the health care industry, you’ve likely heard of risk stratification. There is a good chance that risk stratification, whether used for negotiating payment rates or improving population health, will be one of the most important elements in a value-based health care system. Citing several indicators of industry disruption, there is an…
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