Virtual Communication Analytics – KPI Ninja Provides Insights with Virtual Data

Virtual Communication Analytics – KPI Ninja Provides Insights with Virtual Data

The Direct Care model prides itself on offering more ways for patients to access their primary care provider. In the fee-for-service world, most people need to schedule an appointment (often weeks in advance), visit an urgent care clinic, go to the emergency room, or utilize telemedicine to immediately access care, the latter three often being with different providers who don’t have an established relationship with a patient or don’t have access to a patient’s history. Direct Care providers, however, often utilize some form of virtual communications technology that allows patients to text, email, or directly call a practice representative at any time of the day, making it quick and simple for patients subscribing to a Direct Care plan to access their provider.

Because of the increased accessibility, virtual care can quickly become an important part of a Direct Care practice’s delivery model. That said, not all virtual communication platforms have the means to provide pertinent and useful information back to the practice. To address this need among Direct Care organizations, KPI Ninja has developed a Virtual Dashboard within its DPC 360 platform that ingests raw data from virtual communication tools to populate helpful reports and charts in an easy-to-use dashboard. Practices can gain insights surrounding the utilization of their virtual communications platform, including when patients are most utilizing the virtual tool, when inbound calls are being missed, selection frequency of phone menu options, which providers are most active, and more, all easily separated by patient-related information such as employer groups and message tags.

Quickly scroll through different charts

Drill down to call- or message-level information

Easily filter data by employer groups, conversation tag, and more

By using KPI Ninja’s Virtual Dashboard, Direct Care organizations are better able to track and manage their virtual communications, provide more complete and better-quality information back to key stakeholders and employer groups, and can make informed decisions about practice hours and availability. For more information on how KPI Ninja can help your organization harness its virtual communications data, or to learn more about other KPI Ninja tool within our DPC 360 platform, contact or visit our website.  

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